The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name

The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name


The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name

By Patricia Schonstein

ISBN 978-1-77630-657-2

The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name is a fanciful fable in which the young heir apparent of the Greyfur kingdom of Aloes-Redding — an idyllic place on the far edge of the polluted and desecrated human territory of Blasterland — must find his true name and ascend the throne.

The Greyfur mice have no illusions about the malevolent ways of their neighbouring humans, who have shown themselves to have no heart. This perception is tested when the young prince makes a startling discovery in the gaze of a young human child. This coming-of-age allegory reveals a touch of magic and the theatrical, with an underpinning of hope, while not shying away from the harm affected by humans on the natural world. It will enchant readers, young and old.

The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name is a special fundraiser for The Cactus Foundation Africa and carries a royalty towards their projects of care.


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 19 × 0.8 cm


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