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African Sun Press is the leading publisher of poetry anthologies in South Africa.

We recognise poetry as an eloquent and curative language of the human heart.
It is essential for the succinct expression of truth and beauty and it should be prescribed daily, in abundant measure, for the general well-being of everyone.

We produce the definitive Africa! Anthologies and the Poetry in McGregor Anthologies, and hold the archive of Stanzas One-to-Twenty.

We also produce inspiring poetry and story books for children through our project called Seed Readers.

We are associates of Poetry in McGregor through whom we present the annual Patricia Schonstein Poetry in McGregor Award.

In addition to our work with poetry, we represent the publishing rights of authors
Patricia Schonstein and Don Pinnock.

You’ll find us situated in Cape Town, within the dramatic embrace of Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.

Gifting Poetry

Please consider donating an anthology to a school, library, literacy project or charity working with prisoners. Contact us for more information.

“As a curator of anthologies, I’ve found the sharing of poetry to be an evocative way of kindling light within the dark places of the human condition.
In my experience, poetry can be like prayer, both in its composition and in its recitation. Poetry is an extraordinary conveyancer of beauty, love and forgiveness.
Thus it is surely the best gift for anyone incarcerated by the bars of poverty, sorrow, loneliness, loss and even hatred.”

– Patricia Schonstein

African Sun Press

P.O. Box 16415
Cape Town

Email: afpress@iafrica.com
Phone: +27 (0) 21 461 1601

“If ever an example were needed to demonstrate just how many ways there are of constructing a poem, this group of themed anthologies provides just that.
Each of the Africa! anthologies has a wide range of voices — most living, many deceased, some found, some anonymous — that makes for an exceptional mix of poems, a surprising but harmonious patchwork of thoughts about, and sentiments from, Africa.”
–Douglas Reid Skinner

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