“A jolly good book, whereon to look, is better to me than gold”



Stanzas is a quarterly for new poetry by established and aspirant poets.

It is co-edited by Douglas Reid Skinner and Patricia Schonstein.

It offers a dynamic range of voices and styles within a vast landscape of expressions.

It includes translations as well as reviews of newly published collections and anthologies.

We believe that poetry nourishes the individual spirit and enriches the broader human condition

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At African Sun Press, we enjoy the interplay between poetry and art, so each issue of Stanzas features the work of an artist, usually South African, on its cover.

Stanzas Number Twelve

By Lorenzo Nassimbeni

Lorenzo Nassimbeni is a South African architect and artist who works in the medium of drawing, printmaking, public murals, surface design, sculpture and architectural installation. His creative work is characterized by a focus on the area where the disciplines of architecture and fine art meet. This is expressed by identifying, extracting and representing the artistic meaning within urban and landscape conditions.

Stanzas Number Eleven

Las Defensas de las Plantas
By Barbara Wildenboer

Barbara Wildlenboer is a Cape Town-based artist who uses mixed media and photographic processes to explore ideas of memory held and lost, past and present states of being and how the transience of time renders things elusive or redundant.
She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and art fairs, both nationally and internationally and has been awarded several international residencies.

Stanzas Number Ten

From: Four rooms, Seven colours
By Tshepiso Mabula 2017

Tshepiso Mabula is a 24 year old writer and photographer, born in Limpopo, South Africa. She is a storyteller who believes that her calling is to produce work that promotes equity and social unity. She seeks to correct the injustices that exist in our everyday culture.

Stanzas Number Nine

The Ultrabeam Chronicles III
By Siwa Mgoboza
Isishweshwe – Three Cats Cotton, beads, tulle and cotton thread

Born in South Africa but raised in South America and Europe, Siwa Mgoboza draws on his experience as both an insider and outsider to assert the idea of a newer, futuristic and liberal Africa. His Africadia series attempts to transcend various prejudices around gender, race, religion, class and nationality.
Instagram: @siwamgoboza

Stanzas Number Eight

Undying IV
By Alexandra Karakashian

Alexandra Karakashian’s practice is rooted in her exploration of both global and local interpretations of concepts such as land, environment and belonging. By using materials that are considered contentious within the fragile human-environment relationship, she revisits the tradition of landscape painting as a response to ecological crises and contemporary understandings of materiality. She is represented by SMAC Gallery

Stanzas Number Seven

Ashes to Ashes
By Margie Britz

Margie Britz studied at the Rhodes University Art School and later taught there for several years before moving to the UK. Her current work, while rooted in the South African landscape, is inspired by the glacial geology that formed the Norfolk coastline where she now lives.

Stanzas Number Six

Detail: Putrefaction/Sunset Sandy Bay
By Jacob van Schalkwyk
Lithographic ink on paper

Jacob van Schalkwyk is a Cape Town-based artist who studied at the Pratt Institute in New York City. He is represented by David Krut Projects.

Stanzas Number Five

To Be Alive is To Be Confused
By Olivie Keck

Olivie Keck is a Cape Town-based artist who works with a variety of techniques such as print-making, drawing, embroidery and ceramics. With a narrative and process-driven approach, she describes the pace of transient digital worlds and her place within them. The materiality of her work commemorates the commonplace and the theatre of human endeavour.

Stanzas Number Four

By Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims is an artist and illustrator based in Cape Town. Her distinct drawing style is theatrical, whimsical and humerous. She has a BA in Applied Design (specialising in illustration) from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. Sims is represented by Salon91, a contemporary art gallery based in Cape Town.

Stanzas Number Three

By Gaelen Pinnock

Gaelen Pinnock is a Cape Town-based artist who uses a range of media to explore and document the spatial memes that underlie cities, structures and landscapes. Originally an architect, his work has strong conceptual and aesthetic connection to the built environment.

Stanzas Number Two

By Michael Driver

Michael Driver is a London-based illustrator and animator. He is a of Kingston University. His rich, textural work often condenses diverse and intricate concepts down into easy-to-swallow images and neat, cheeky animation.

Stanzas Number One

In the Father’s House
By Cleone Cull

Cleone Cull is a recently-retired Professor of Fine Art at the School of Music, Art and Design at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She was born in Upington in 1946 and studied at Rhodes University Art School under Brian Bradshaw. In 1977, she joined the staff of the Port Elizabeth Technikon. She paints, teaches privately and studies various mystical and shamanistic traditions.