“A jolly good book, whereon to look, is better to me than gold”

Literary Encounters in Cape Town

Meet authors Patricia Schonstein and Don Pinnock

Enjoy a light meal of quiche and salads, cheeses and wine with two of South Africa’s prominent authors.

Patricia Schonstein

Patricia Schonstein is a novelist, poet and author of children’s books. She curates the Africa! poetry anthologies and McGregor Poetry Festival anthologies and is co-editor, with Douglas Reid Skinner, of Stanzas a quarterly for new poems.

Don Pinnock

Don Pinnock is a widely published historian, naturalist, criminologist, photographer and former editor of Getaway magazine. He is an expert on youth-at-risk.

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Maximum group of 8 or by arrangement.

Beatrice by Marie Spartali Stillman (1895)

Reading from Homer by Lawrence Alma Tadema (1885)