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The Man who Cursed the Wind

The Man who Cursed the Wind


The Man who Cursed the Wind

and other stories from the Karoo
Recorded and edited by José Manuel de Prada-Samper

    ISBN 978 0 620 73104 1

  • Bilingual: Text in English and Afrikaans

This is a selection of tales gathered in Afrikaans from present-day Karoo storytellers. They animate the harsh but beautiful landscape with lively characters like cunning Jackal, silly Hyena, dangerous Water Snake and the sinister Foot-Eyes.

A real milestone. A terrific achievement.
~ John Parkington, Emeritus Professor, UCT

Such tales were first documented among |xam hunter-gatherers in the 1870s by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. Unexpectedly they have survived, affirming a strong and continuing tradition of oral storytelling in South Africa. They’re presented here with English translation.

Die man wat die wind vervloek het

en ander stories van die Karoo

’n Keur van verhale, vertel deur hedendaagse storievertellers van die Karoo en in Afrikaans versamel, word hier met Engelse vertalings aangebied. Die verhale laat die gebied se harde maar pragtige landskap lééf met karakters soos die slinkse Jakkals, lawwe Wolf, gevaarlike waterslang en die sinistêre Voet-oog. Sulke verhale is vir die eerste maal in die 1870’s deur Wilhelm Bleek en Lucy Lloyd onder |xam jagter-versamelaars gedokumenteer. Teen alle verwagtinge in het die verhale oorleef, en bevestig hulle die sterk en volgehoue tradisie van mondelinge storievertel in Suid-Afrika.

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“A real milestone. A terrific achievement.”

~ John Parkington, Emeritus Professor, UCT

“A revolution in the concepts of Bushman traditions and a gem of Southern African oral literature.”

~ Sigrid Schmidt, Folklorist.

“This is a treasure of tales thought long-forgotten, but found to be alive and well among Karoo storytellers.”

~ Don Pinnock, Historian

“This book is testimony to the tenacity of stories to endure.
It honours centuries of live storytelling in the Karoo while bringing to print the vibrant tradition of San verbal art.”

~ Marlene Winberg, Writer and Storyteller

“A revelation, with far reaching implications for the way the literature, culture and history of the region are understood.”

~ Michael Wessels
University of the Western Cape, Author of Bushman Letters

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