The Secret Ambition

The Secret Ambition


The Secret Ambition

By Valerio Magrelli
Translated from the Italian by Douglas Reid Skinner & Marco Fazzini

A writer of restless enquiry and breadth of learning, Valerio Magrelli bids fair to be the most important poet of his generation in Italy, as witnessed by the critical attention that his work has received and the major prizes it has garnered.

The Secret Ambition presents a singular mind exploring the predicaments of being alive in a world mediated by language— by turns inquisitive, contemplative, philosophical, vexed, melancholic and witty. For him, all writing is a kind of translating, and playing with language is a serious occupation, a painstaking process of coming to understand writing through writing itself. These are poems that echo in the reader long after the reading.

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“Magrelli easily manages…a task… essential for poetry: that of grasping the most hidden folds of the world and revealing them in a simple and heraldic order “

~ Alessandro Fo

“His poetry is…a new combination of exactness and sentiment where the syllable measures its own dimension and reality”

~ Bruno Arcurio

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