The Unknown Child

The Unknown Child


The Unknown Child

Poems of War, Love and Longing
By Patricia Schonstein-Pinnock

ISBN 978-1-874915-15-7

Children who are stripped of their innocence and forced to participate in civil and regional war are the true victims of human conflict. These child-soldiers, whose spirits are hobbled by combat, are cheated of their youth, not only by the governments and rebels who control them, but by we whose countries manufacture and export armaments, fuelling trade in weapons. This anthology pays tribute to the child victims of modern warfare and their mothers.

“There is no mistaking the compassion and sorrow that animate these poems of war, death and love”

~ JM Coetzee 2003 Nobel Laureate

“A haunting, disturbing and moving anthology that highlights the plight of child victims of conflict, genocide and greed. May these poems move us to build a better world”

~ Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Nobel Laureate 1984

“The language is that associated with passion, but the subject is that of deep mourning and outrage. Outrage against the horror of genocide, fratricide and the destruction of nature”

~ Cape Times

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