Die Meester se Verdigsel

Die Meester se Verdigsel


Die Meester se Verdigsel

Patricia Schonstein

Die Meester se Verdigsel is ’n surrealistiese verhaal oor ’n skrywer wat op ’n gevorderde ouderdom gekniehalter word deur strawwe wette wat literêre vryheid beheer. Die verhaal speel af teen die agtergrond van ’n regime wat téén letterkunde is, in ’n toekomstige era waar die see biologies reeds tot sterwe gekom het.

Die roman is ’n allegoriese meestersklas – ’n gedenkskrif van skrywerskap en gewete – waarin die ontheiliging van die planeet se brose infrastruktuur betreur word en waarin oor die gebruik van fiksie as ’n instrument vir vrede besin word.

“Poëties mooi, klinkend helder en baie slim”

~ Die Burger

Acclaim for English version, The Master’s Ruse:

“The Master’s Ruse has the texture and cadence of ancient fables”

~ Oprah Magazine

“Schonstein confronts rock-hard issues with this dreamily allegorical, surreal, apocalyptic tale. Her writing is poetically appealing, clear and clever. She is fast becoming one of South Africa’s top writers”

~ Die Burger

“Even though Patricia does not shrink from exposing the dark and often terrifying realities of our society with utmost honesty, a thread of redemption, peace, hope and light weaves through her narrative.”

~ Carel Anthonissen, Die Burger

“The Master’s Ruse, with its mystical aura and apocalyptic vision, is mesmerizing, poetic and beautifully written.”

~ Ute Ben Yosef, Librarian, Jacob Gitlin Library, Cape Town

“The Master’s Ruse is an intriguing, decoratively furnished novel.”

~ Gorry Bowes-Taylor, Fine Music Radio Book Choice, Cape Town

“The Master’s Ruse boldly reveals the big issues of environmental destruction and political dictatorship.”

~ Gillian Warren-Brown, The Weekender

“A literary feast – colourful, lyrical, filmic, beautifully woven and beautifully visual.”

~ Nancy Richards, SABC

“The Master’s Ruse has a strong aura of timelessness and universality. Its probing of the novelist’s creative process is deeply illuminating.”

~ David Pike, The Sunday Times

“The Master’s Ruse is a unique addition to South African literature and as such should be widely read.”

~ Alex Smith, Books SA

“A challenging, surrealist narrative.”

~ Bronwen Dyke, The Big Issue

“A sensational, stunning and gripping novel. A great piece of writing.”

~ David Friedland, Poet

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