The Cactus Foundation

We are associates of The Cactus Foundation. This is an African based, direct-action organisation for the protection and welfare of animals and children in Africa. Together, we produce children’s books to inspire children towards care of the Earth and animals

Our association came about following the brutal torture and burning of a little dog by children on the instruction of their father. Phoebe, as she is now known, was saved by a remarkable vet and through the intervention of Sarah Clayton. Sarah recognised that the children were as much the victims of abuse as was the little dog, so she set out to remedy this through the Cactus Foundation.

Phoebe is now an ambassador for the rights of children and animals. Read her story here.

We are proud to publish the first title in her name:


ISBN 978-1-77630-654-1
Colour illustrations by Izak Vollgraaff
Published by The Cactus Foundation and Seed Readers | African Sun Press

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“This collection celebrates the natural world and urges human children and adults to protect and care for it. It should be present in every classroom and every child’s home.”

– Tanya Barben, former Rare Books Librarian, University of Cape Town Libraries

“These poems beautifully illustrate how indeed we hold the Earth and every living being in our hands. I will be encouraging young people to read this book as a call to action.”

– Lucille Meyer, Chrysalis Academy, CEO

“Delightful, touching and essential for every child.”

– The Lemon & Lime Leucadendron Poetry Society

“Many children will not be fortunate enough to see a wild animal in their lifetime, but the poems in this book serve as a bridge to bring them closer to an imagined experience. It draws on the imagination stimulated by accurate illustrations and words that evoke the grace of a giraffe or the power of an elephant or the peace of trees.”

– Lucinda Jolly The Daily Maverick 30 June 2023