Ouma’s Autumn

Ouma’s Autumn


Ouma’s Autumn

By Patricia Schonstein Pinnock

ISBN 1-874915-04-0

  • – Black & white photographs by Don Pinnock
  • – Readership: 12-15 years
  • Honour listed SACBF (South African Children’s Book Forum)

A sensitive account of a family’s experience of removal from Harfield Village under Apartheid’s infamous Group Areas Act. Written as a short memoir, it tells of a young girl growing up in her Ouma’s warmth and wisdom, under the shadow of Apartheid.

A unique collection of photographs of District Six and Harfield Village portray an aspect of Cape Town’s history. It tells of the removal under the Group Areas Act of families from areas proclaimed ‘white’ by the Nationalist government of South Africa

“An excellent and evocative of history … full of characters and episodes with plentiful photos”

~ Jay Heale, Bookchat

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